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Move your business to the cloud with confidence. Net X Cloud is the virtual data center that makes your business flexible and resilient.


NET X Cloud by NETLOGiX is a hyper-converged ICT solution. It stacks virtual machines, virtual networking, virtual security and virtual data recovery on the best available processing and storage infrastructure, housed in fully redundant, colocated and ISO-certified data centres. NETLOGiX is a certified VMware partner so you can rest in the knowledge that you are supported by an excellent team using the best technology we’ve found.

NET X Cloud is a complete virtual data centre solution as a service from NETLOGiX. It combines top-tier virtual machine technology from VMware for hyper availability and disaster recovery, Dell infrastructure, cloud productivity from Microsoft, software-defined WAN from Peplink, security from Crowdstrike and Fortinet Firewalls.

NETLOGiX clients use NET X Cloud to deploy secure, logically isolated, and Software-Defined Data Centres at will. NET X Cloud offers a fully managed SDDC service supported by our in-house Cloud Architects and support engineers. The platform further allows subscribers to provision their own resources through its self-service help desk.

Certified Data Centres

NETLOGiX provides highly redundant and hybridised virtual machines, containers, and serverless infrastructure that supports software-defined computing, storage, networking, and security.

Our colocated data centres offer high-speed, low-latency connectivity. Each location is ISO certified for ISO27001 and ISO9001. It also complies with the PCI DSS standard.

Clients can reserve capacity to lower costs while enjoying infrastructure solely dedicated to them. Your infrastructure is physically isolated from the infrastructure of other colocation customers.

Virtual Machines

NET X Cloud allows our clients to add and remove virtual machine capacity on demand. We can upgrade, manage, backup, monitor, troubleshoot, and remediate from a single pane of glass anywhere using VMware platform deployment.

NET X Cloud puts Intel® Xeon® processing, by Dell Technologies, at your fingertips to ensure workload-optimised performance, advanced reliability, highest memory speed, capacity, and interconnectivity.

Virtual Networking

Enjoy the ultimate in software-defined network connectivity, virtual load-balancing and virtual firewalls. NET X Cloud is a complete hyper-converged ICT stack that allows you to transition traditional network infrastructure by redeploying virtual assets.

NETLOGiX is an official distributor for Peplink’s market-leading software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) products. We are also partnered with Crowdstrike and Fortinet to provide state-of-the-art cyber security and firewalls as a core part of the NET X Cloud service.

Virtual Disaster Recovery

DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) is the critical tool that any modern ICT professional needs. The ability to add business resilience without increasing your skills gaps overcome one of the biggest hurdles in adopting new technologies.

NET X Cloud provides scalable DRaaS solutions for on-premise VMware workloads of all sizes. Disaster recovery and offsite data protection are made available by our DRaaS solution, utilising VMware’s Cloud Director Availability.

NET X Cloud Technology Partners

microsoft 365

NET X Cloud Benefits

  • Monitored 24/7/365 by our team of ICT support professionals and cloud architects.
  • Connect and protect applications across your on-premise and SDDC.
  • Deliver granular protection with network segmentation and micro-segmentation to the individual
  • Create context-aware security policies and leverage IDS/IPS to defend against lateral threats.
  • Flexible off-premises, cloud-based disaster recovery to the cloud and between clouds, cover needed
    hybrid scenarios – designed specifically for your VMware environment.
  • Improve Business Continuity with cloud-based DRaaS provides safety from disasters that may impair
    your applications and infrastructure.
  • Benefit from a subscription-based, competitively priced solution designed with core features to
    minimise costs.
  • Managed DR reduces complexity and overhead by having a trusted partner own core DR operational
    work and make sense of regulatory and compliance mandates.
  • Manage consistent networking and security policies across private and public clouds from a single
    pane of glass, regardless of where your applications run—VM, container or bare metal.
  • Save CapEx by consolidating networking and security functions on a single platform. Slash OpEx
    through simplified operations and optimised traffic flows.
  • Deploy VMware Cloud Infrastructure to achieve scale, agility, and cost savings through infrastructure
    and management interoperability.
  • Use VMware Cloud solutions to enable new PaaS environments, containers, and services without
    sacrificing enterprise capabilities and governance.
  • Enable your virtual cloud networking with software-defined network and security.
    Streamline your multi-cloud operations with consistent networking and security.
  • Provide integrated, full-stack networking and security for containerised apps and microservices like
  • Transform your legacy load balancers to 100% software-defined solutions.
  • Streamline DR processes by leveraging existing VMware investments, reducing cost and overhead.
  • Optimise your investment in the cloud using the Netlogix NET X Cloud virtual data centre.
  • One-click provisioning.
  • Underlay networking services required to enable VMware, including L2/L3 services and firewall rule
  • Edge-type networking services, including VPN, Public IP, and Internet Gateways. These edge services
    can run on hyper cloud providers solutions like AWS and Azure.