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NETLOGiX is a specialised information and telecommunications services provider and value added distributor, focusing on delivering high availability hosted cloud infrastructure and redundant connectivity services, with the emphasis on employing Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) technologies.

We roll out inter-continental networking and IT solutions that save time, money and effort.

Our IT Services include cloud server hosting, digital and web security, IT consulting, connectivity solutions and so much more.

NETLOGiX has been the exclusive Peplink agent for the southern African region since 2008.

Netlogix Peplink Certified Distributor

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About Us

NETLOGiX is part of a group of IT companies, the first of which was formed in 2003 as a small start-up by the two shareholders. The shareholders have roots in the IT field since 1993 with active customer relationships going back to 1998.

NETLOGiX itself was founded in 2008 to focus and specialise on the specific needs identified at the time. The staff complement of 35 permanent members is made up of 25 skilled technical personnel with the balance in sales and administration. We have offices in Centurion and Cape Town and a support platform in George, Durban and Port Elizabeth. We currently do remote support in South Africa, Namibia, Kenya and Nigeria, but our support infrastructure in place is of such a nature that we can provide remote support anywhere in the world if needed.

We supply all the regular ISP type services like

  • Legacy internet connectivity (ADSL, Fibre, VSAT, Microwave etc.)
  • Mobile internet connectivity (3G, LTE)
  • Virtual server solutions
  • Data centre management
  • Web hosting
  • Mail security and archiving
  • Online desktop services
  • Server backup services
  • Etc.

We have however focused on building solutions with the explicit purpose of increased availability, security and performance, bringing together Software Defined WAN and Cloud hosted services.

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