NETLOGiX provides reliable ICT solutions to businesses and enterprises, differentiating them from their competitors. Our clients benefit greatly from our unbreakable ICT infrastructure that can be used securely anywhere on the planet.

Keep your team connected and safe

from cyber attacks, anywhere and everywhere

with our future-proof ICT solution from NETLOGiX

Our Services

Unbreakable Connection

Fast, reliable and robust networks that span the globe. Get unbreakable connectivity through comprehensive ICT solutions and SD-WAN Technology.


Lead the charge in the fight against digital threats. Protect your team from online attacks with a cyber security solution from NETLOGiX.


Move your business to the cloud with confidence. Manage your business in the cloud with flexible, custom server hosting solutions.

Cloud Productivity

NETLOGiX offers Microsoft 365 with the premium Office apps. Get the complete solution that empowers your team to operate anywhere, everywhere.


Voice over IP is changing the way businesses operate.
Find out how to rapidly deploy voice solutions anywhere, everywhere.


Our IT consultants are experts in these fields. Partnering with NETLOGiX means having IT Support that puts you ahead of your competitors.

Our Tech

About Us

NETLOGiX is a specialised ICT service provider and value added distributor that delivers high availability hosted cloud infrastructure and redundant connectivity products. We deploy Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) technologies on a global scale to ensure internet connections are unbreakable. NETLOGiX enables teams to operate from any location, providing maximum flexibility for all modern workplace requirements.

NETLOGiX distributes products from Peplink, Pepwave, Crowdstrike and Microsoft to Africa with a special focus on supplying to South African resellers and partners. NETLOGiX has already developed the South African Market and wants to expand its market penetration in Africa.

The NETLOGiX team makes highly reliable computer networks across the globe. They create value for their clients by building reliable computer systems and networks that keep business ICT running smoothly and avoiding operational downtime no matter where your business operates.

Our Clients