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Fast, reliable and robust networks that span the globe. Get unbreakable internet through comprehensive ICT solutions and SD-WAN Technology.

We deploy Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) technologies on a global scale to ensure internet connections are unbreakable.

Connect your different branches, satellite offices and cloud hosting environments with total transparency and granular control over the cost of each element in your network. NETLOGiX enables teams to operate from any location, providing maximum flexibility for all modern workplace requirements.

By combining multiple cost-effective fixed, wireless and mobile connections into a single VPN tunnel, we create fast, reliable and robust networks that won’t break the bank.

Our SD-WAN includes a bonded internet connection using mixed fixed-line and mobile/wireless topologies, MPL replacement using Peplink’s SpeedFusion WAN technologies with link redundancy and site-to-site VPN solutions.


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