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Move your business to the cloud with confidence. Manage your business with flexible, custom server cloud hosting solutions.

Cloud hosting technology has become more affordable than ever before. Centralised data and software lower operational expenses while being highly competitive with on-site server technologies when considering cost over asset lifetime.

NETLOGiX operates a state of the art, VMotion enabled, fully redundant private cloud platform. It is run by the latest version of VMware virtual data centre with VMWare NSX-T virtual networking, all hosted on high performing solid-state storage. This offers our clients a true bespoke private cloud hosting solution.

If you need to increase your flexibility while retaining control, you need to invest in a cloud hosted server solution. The NETLOGiX Cloud Server has virtual hosting, virtual firewall, virtual PBX VoIP, bonded connectivity and backup solution offerings.


You can bundle our solutions into a turnkey IT Solution. Speak to our solutions planners about performing a comprehensive IT audit and consultation to see how you can best expand your current reach or how to lower costs to increase profitability.

Our Cloud Hosting Services

NETLOGiX is a VMWare certified partner and has invested significantly into developing a fully redundant data centre platform for private cloud hosting solutions. Our access to Peplink’s technology allows us the unique advantage of creating high performance/high redundancy connectivity to our data centre.

NETLOGiX has partnership agreements with all the major cloud services providers enabling us to provide you with services from Microsoft (Azure, Office 365 etc.), Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google. NETLOGiX is a Microsoft Silver partner, specialising in cloud hosting  services.

As a standard there are a number of pre-defined server options to choose from, but you are also able to customise and configure each server individually to suit its application. This includes individual Processors, Cores per Processor, Ram, Network cards and Storage, Individual firewall and UTP policies.

All your servers will be hosted on its own Virtual Private Network (VPN)  in our data centre. This is made possible by the enterprise / ISP grade network switches used in the data centre. Separate VLANs are created for every client so you can have a private network amongst your hosted machines. You are not limited to only one VLAN, so you are also able to segment your network to separate your Virtual servers if needed.

You will also have the ability to choose a Virtual Firewall per network or even per machine. Each Virtual Firewall acts like it is a physical firewall with full feature sets including comprehensive UTM (unified threat management) and each Virtual Firewall can also be configured with multiple profile sets to suite different user groups and applications.

With the deployment of VMWare NSX, we can now virtualize the entire network in your virtual data centre, increasing the redundancy of network devices, but more importantly, increasing the performance significantly. Doing away with the need for traditional North-South internal network traffic between physical network devices and moving to an East-West topology where internal network communication all happens on the virtual layer, increasing performance and customization significantly.

When building our virtual environment, we considered a number of options from a variety of manufacturers. We chose best of breed hardware to build our platform on ensuring the use of proven technology supported by a solid company. For this reason, we invested in mainly Dell equipment across the board. This includes the physical servers, network cards, network switches and SAN devices.

All the physical servers and SANs have multiple layers of redundancy. This includes CPUs, RAM, hard drives and storage controllers. All the servers and SANS also have multiple 10Gbps network cards installed to build a fast and redundant network backbone. Our SANs are built with enterprise grade SSD disks in ultra high performing, redundant stacks.

Our firewalls of choice come from the Fortigate stable and we have a fully redundant Firewall topology installed in our Data Centre.

NETLOGiX is able to provide state of the art backup services with our virtual servers. This means we can do from daily “snapshot” backups of your servers to granular backups with intervals as small as 10 minutes apart. We can also offer a fully replicated service where your virtual server can be replicated from our primary data centre to one of our secondary data centres.

A very unique service we are able to offer our clients is the ability to “spin up” a backup image of your server in a different environment for inspection before restore. This is a very handy when data corruption of sorts is discovered and you want to inspect the data integrity of the backup before a full restore. We do support the functionality to do a partial or granular restore also.

In addition to the above mentioned backup features, the combined infrastructure we have in place also enables us to offer our clients the option of a complete disaster recovery solution at one of our Data Centres or even in the Amazon cloud if needed with data currency to within five minutes of live data. Our RTO (Recovery Time Objective) for this service is under thirty minutes.

Our main Data Centre is located in the Johannesburg area and we have a secondary Data Centre in Centurion. These sites are fully redundant with regards to all services. Two separate main power feeds feed dual UPS systems, backed up by dual Generators. The cooling system is also duplicated to ensure redundancy. Physical access to the Data Centre is restricted to authorised, listed staff only and access for additional guests or third party support personnel can only be arranged by authorised team members.

Ongoing configuration changes are part and parcel of any network and technology infrastructure. We employ industry standard change control processes and our team is highly skilled in ensuring all required changes are handled timeously and effectively with consideration for service up-time.

Because of the critical nature of the services, support is provided on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis. This includes support as well as configuration services. We understand that live network, resource and application changes cannot always be made during offices hours. We do however request advanced notice for configuration changes needed outside normal office hours.

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