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Delivering Unbreakable connectivity Anytime. Anywhere.


Peplink’s suite of solutions simplifies the management of complex network operations through centralization. They offer exceptional networking solutions for mobility and specialized markets, and help businesses address new demands with 5G equipment.


Peplink provides a complete SD-WAN solution; including edge routers which can connect multiple fixed or cellular WAN links at the same time. Peplink products are reliable, sustainable, easy to use and their support is second to none. 


From home-office users, to enterprise-branch networks, to emergency vehicles, we have helped thousands of customers migrate from traditional WAN and MPL to SD-WAN solutions, resulting in increased bandwidth, higher WAN reliability, and lower costs.

NETLOGiX has been the official distributor of Peplink and Pepwave products in Southern Africa since 2008, with a special focus on supplying to South African resellers and partners. We have extensive knowledge and support in place for those interested in Peplink products or becoming a reseller.

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Peplink Product Articles

Our newly cloud-based offices need to rely on the incorporation and integration of corporate tools, improvement in cloud-based management and most importantly, information that is easily and safely accessed and stored.

With InControl 2, you can perform standardising device configuration, monitoring of network health, urgent troubleshooting, and more.

FusionHub is the virtual SpeedFusion appliance from Peplink. FusionHub allows you to establish SpeedFusion connections between cloud servers and physical Peplink devices.

Tap into the bandwidth of up to 13 low-cost cable, DSL, 3G/4G/LTE, and other links connected anywhere on your corporate or institutional WAN with Peplink’s patented SpeedFusion technology.

SpeedFusion pumps all your data down a single bonded data-pipe that’s budget-friendly, ultra-fast, and easy to configure and suits any networking environment.

This is SD-WAN performance at its peak. The EPX is a powerful, versatile and rapidly deployable SD-WAN router that connects a wide range of WAN options from LTE-A, to satellite modems, to fixed line networks.

The MAX series of routers are designed to provide secure WAN access to 4G when wired solutions are not an option.

Peplink’s Balance Router Series is anything from powerful dual-WAN routers for use in small offices to SFP+ capable 12-WAN enterprise routers, and everything in between.