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This is SD-WAN performance at its peak. The EPX is a powerful, versatile and rapidly deployable SD-WAN router that connects a wide range of WAN options from LTE-A, to satellite modems, to fixed line networks.

Whether providing Internet services with a SLA, or building a video surveillance streaming network, ensuring service continuity is crucial. The EPX enables service providers to build a flexible SD-WAN backhaul to the main network by incorporating as many Ethernet, Fiber and cellular links as needed, to provide fast and solid connectivity. With the EPX, sites could be connected in minutes.


The EPX can combine up to 18 cellular connections for high-definition video streaming and high-volume data transfers. The EPX can also host docker containers, giving you the ability to host your own custom apps onsite to simplify management.

Industry’s Highest Performing SD-WAN Platform

  • Futureproof and Scalable
  • Gigabit Bandwidth On
  • Multiple Module Types
  • Rapidly Deployable, Scalable, Unbreakable Connectivity for Mobile Command
  • Add Flexible SD-WAN Backhaul to Any Network
  • Instant Connectivity and Application Hosting for Work Sites and Events

See our service offering.

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